Words That Are Killing Your E-Commerce Conversion.

In previous articles, we shared how onsite copy can powerfully influence customer conversion, retention, and buying behavior. Onsite copy is powerful, so much so that it can backfire for your e-commerce.

Yes, the wrong words at at the wrong point of a buyer’s journey can drive away your customers.

Most marketing managers subscribe to rule-based persuasion, and for good reason. Firstly, what is rule-based persuasion? If you are a marketer, chances are, you are employing it right now. Simply put, companies identify their target consumer and define their characteristics – including consumer wants and needs. From here, appropriate words and phrases are crafted – and according to the ‘rule’ – is used on said consumers.

Seems like an intelligent way to go about consumer persuasion, doesn’t it? For a long time, this was the most effective way of reaching out to your desired customers. This is no longer the case.

Now that technology allows in-depth insight into your consumer base, e-commerce that leverages on these insights stand to boost their marketing campaigns. On the flipside, shackling yourself to rule-based persuasion is to restrict your site from maximizing its reach to potential customers.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you of the dangers of rule-based persuasion, watch this concrete example:

Blog Article 3 graphic

In Case 1, target consumers A and B are sensitive to deals and urgency.

User B churned for several possible factors. Perhaps “Ending Soon” had negative connotations for User B, although it had the totally opposite effect on of motivating User A to buy.

Breaking away from rule-based persuasion.

In Case 2, let’s not assume that a single copy would work effectively for every individual.

“Ending Soon” is replaced with other variations, until the best alternative successfully elicits a response from User B.

We advance from a rule-based persuasion system to an individual customer profiling. The best possible word or phrase was used to maximize each user’s response.

In the following articles, I will share more about how to go beyond rule-based persuasion to target individual consumers on your e-commerce site, so no potential consumer of yours falls through the cracks.

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